Give your cannabis employees easy access to approved SOPs so they know what to do and when to do it.

Proper use of standard operating procedures (SOPs) helps your cannabis business to run efficiently, effectively, and legally. Scale best practice SOPs across your entire organization to improve operations and drive profits.

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Add Images & Videos

We all know a picture (or video) is worth 1,000 words. So don’t just tell ‘em, show ‘em too! Capture and attach your SOP best practices in pictures or videos to demonstrate and clarify the most important procedures.


Wherever you go, your cannabis SOPs can go, too. All you need is an internet connection to access, create, update, manage, download, assign or share your SOPs from ProCanna’s cloud-based platform.

Notes & Linking Capabilities

With official, published documents, there isn’t an easy way to leave notes. With ProCanna, our SOP notes section allows you to leave a note, view notes, and even filter notes. Our linking function allows policies and SOPs to be linked to regulation blocks, reference documents, and more.


ProCanna securely stores your SOPs and allows users with permitted access to easily print, email, and/or export/download documents in multiple file formats.

How It Works

Here’s what to expect from ProCanna’s SOP creation, management, and storage features:

Automating Operating Procedures

Get to know the power of ProCanna’s cannabis SOP tools that’ll help optimize your business operations for success.

Stories from ProCanna’s Customer Success Team

An extra pair of hands

For companies with SOPs and policies stored here, there, and everywhere – digitally or even on the bottom shelf of a dusty bookshelf – this one’s for you.

During ProCanna’s onboarding process, customers can opt-in for a little extra help getting their SOPs, policies, reference documents, and support materials into the platform. It’s a win-win for all involved. The customer spends less time getting up to speed with a new platform; ProCanna’s customer success team adds value and builds a solid relationship by delivering the mapped and formatted information in a timely fashion.

In this example, a company had been working with ProCanna for a number of months before their cultivation director left, a storyline all too familiar in this industry. Despite the director’s departure, the staff knew what to do as cultivation SOPs and policies had been loaded into the system during the company’s initial onboarding process.

The new cultivation director is now reworking the SOPs in ProCanna to simplify and further strengthen them. Once they’re ready, he will easily share and track the updated policies and procedures with his staff. Efficient and effective!


Create SOPs

Have a new procedure for your team to follow? With ProCanna, it’s easy for your employees to access, review, train, and even be quizzed on new and existing SOPs. No need for in-person meetings or printing hard copies. Create an online SOP in a few clicks. Automating SOPs is the most time and cost-effective way to ensure your cannabis operations manuals are easily accessible to those who need them most.


Manage SOPs

ProCanna’s intuitive and user-friendly software allows you to add, edit, and re-order cannabis SOP steps with ease. Attach team notes, link regulation blocks and state guidance, add short videos and training material (even quizzes) to specific policies and SOPs. If you have questions, you can easily search SOPs by keyword, category, or tag. You even have the ability to view when the SOP was last updated or edited with our history log.


Store SOPs

Using old-fashioned file cabinets to store important documents is a thing of the past. Use cloud-based technology to access your SOPs anywhere you go. Whether you’re in the field, in the facility, or on the road, ProCanna is your safe, secure, searchable, and mobile-friendly hub for all-things-SOP.


SOPs for Training

Seamlessly integrate SOPs and training for compliance and operational success. ProCanna allows you to attach short videos to SOPs, a boon for those who learn visually, increasing understanding and retention. Build customized quizzes to test SOP comprehension for easy and effective training for your entire team.

Streamlining Cannabis SOPs for Success

Operate with Ease

Your team has questions, send them to ProCanna for answers! Empower your team with the ability to look up any policy, SOP, reference document or regulation. Have them complete a checklist for any procedure. Minimize the time searching for answers and get back to profit-driving activities!

Avoid Compliance Issues

No one’s around 24/7. Give your team the tools to stay compliant even when you’re not in the facility. Use ProCanna to integrate regulations, SOPs, training, and auditing. When the message from the top is that compliance matters, teams pay attention.

Reduce Stress

It’s stressful to wonder if your cannabis cloning, packaging and labeling, or dispensing SOPs are being followed correctly. Reduce stress with the power of training, tracking, and analyzing SOPs and operational behavior.

Simplify Large Cannabis Operations

ProCanna supports multi-facility and multi-state operations.

Print, Download, and Email Reports

Always have a copy of your reports on hand. Email reports right from ProCanna as proof of compliance.

User Friendly

Simplify training and tracking with our easy-to-use tools and dashboards.

Technology Now for Exponential Growth Later

Take the time to automate SOPs to avoid fines and improve operations and the bottom line.

Utilizing smart technology and software solutions streamlines operations. According to a report by software company PTC, the top three benefits of utilizing technology in the workplace include improved operational efficiencies, the ability to meet changing customer expectations, and improving the quality of new products.

$565,00 FINE

November 2021

Ignoring compliance is costly. Here’s one example of many: Law360 reported that in November 2021, the Nevada Cannabis Compliance Board fined a grower $565,000 for several alleged violations related to untagged plants.

Stay On the Road to Success with ProCanna

Avoid unnecessary deficiencies and fines by staying up-to-date with state cannabis regulations and guidance. Let ProCanna save you time, money, and stress. See how ProCanna can bolster your business for success today!