Easily access cannabis regulations for your state(s). Stop worrying about how to stay current with changing guidance and laws.

Stop searching regulatory sites and make PDFs and complicated spreadsheets a thing of the past by using ProCanna’s cannabis regulatory database.

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Cannabis Regulatory Software Solution

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Cloud-Based Cannabis Regulation Software


Keep everything compliance in one accessible, cloud-based hub.

Mobile-Friendly Cannabis Regulation Software


Wherever your phone or tablet goes, ProCanna’s mobile-friendly software and features go, too.

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ProCanna’s user-friendly, intuitive interface was designed to serve business owners, executives, and employees.

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Always Updating

Reap the rewards of 24/7 state regulation monitoring and updating by empowering your business with ProCanna.

How It Works

Here’s what to expect from ProCanna’s Regulation Block features

Cannabis Regulatory Solution

Regulation Automation

Get to know the power of ProCanna’s cannabis regulation tools that’ll help optimize your business operations for success.

Stories from ProCanna’s Customer Success Team

Checklists, checklists, checklists!

Imagine you’re one of seven employees and the boss (included in this count) has a closing checklist for you to complete one day per week.

The checklist is your responsibility every Monday, and it should take no more than 10 minutes to complete. You log into ProCanna every Monday evening on your iPad, go to your checklists and begin.

You’re comfortable and familiar with the process because you’ve been trained on the flow, know exactly what is expected of you, and the checklist even has reference pictures to follow if need be. Peace. Of. Mind.

A real story from a client that we love to share as a use-case!


Regulation Code Summary

When you run a cannabis business, you’re likely an expert in at least one vertical–processing, cultivating, selling, or transporting. Deciphering complex legal language of cannabis regulations is probably not part of your skillset—nor should it need to be. ProCanna translates legal verbiage into simple everyday language for quick and clear comprehension of the most important and relevant state cannabis laws that apply to your facility.

Regulation Code Summary
State-Specific Policies


State-Specific Policies And Procedures

Don’t rely solely on social media, email alerts, or news stories to update you on the latest state cannabis regulations, revisions, or guidance. When you equip your business with ProCanna’s cannabis regulatory software, you tap into a collection of state-specific policies and procedures that are updated as soon as changes occur.


Searchable Regulations

Oftentimes, when you search for a specific regulation on a state website, you have to sift through pages of unnecessary information to find what you need. With Procanna’s cannabis regulatory solutions, you’ll have easy access to your facility-specific regulations, policies, and SOPs, all collated and summarized, without any irrelevant and unnecessary information getting in the way. Our optimized search engine enables you to quickly find the answers you need.

Searchable Regulations

Cannabis Regulations at Your Fingertips

Save Time

ProCanna provides easy searchable access to both original state-specific regulatory language and plain-English summaries, policies and procedures.

Reduce stress

ProCanna sends key updates so you won’t wonder or worry if you’ve missed the latest cannabis regulation update or guidance document.

Avoid regulatory warnings

Knowing and understanding the latest regulatory updates proactively helps you dodge regulatory warnings, fines, or violations.

Cannabis Regulations

Simplify Large Cannabis Operations

ProCanna supports multi-facility and multi-state operations

Print, Download, and Email Reports

Always have a copy of your reports on hand. You can even email your reports as proof of compliance.

User Friendly

Simplify training and auditing experiences with an easy to use and intuitive platform.

Regulation Mistakes Can Cost You

Protect the pulse of your cannabis business with ProCanna USA.

$100,000 FINE

October 2021

Marijuana Business Daily reported that the Oregon Liquor and Cannabis Commission fined a recreational processor $100,000 for allegedly violating packaging and labeling rules.

Suspended & Fined

October 2021

A Nevada production facility was fined for not properly inspecting their line of edible products. According to local broadcast news outlet 8 News Now, state regulators found that thousands of additional products were added to a production run after testing.
train cannabis employees

From Application to Operations;
One Employee to Thousands

Cannabis regulation features to keep your mind on the prize.

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Improve Training

ProCanna simplifies new employee training with state cannabis regulations, policies and SOPs all in one easy-to-access hub with added video, quizzing and tracking capabilities.

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Optimize Operations

Shift your employees’ focus from mundane tasks like searching state regulatory websites towards growing your cannabis business success.

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Streamline SOPs

New regulation or state guidance? No problem. ProCanna streamlines regulatory updates, policies and SOPs, keeping you up-to-date and your business on track.

Stay On the Road to Success with ProCanna

Avoid unnecessary deficiencies and fines by staying up-to-date with state cannabis regulations and guidance. Let ProCanna’s cannabis regulatory solutions save you time, money, and stress. See how ProCanna cannabis regulatory software can empower your business for success today!