Reduce turnover and decrease the time it takes to train your cannabis employees.

Save time and money, and reduce risk. Automate and document the employee onboarding process to train and retain quality staff.

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Reporting Tools Available Anytime, Anywhere.


No matter the job or level of experience, ProCanna is intuitive and user-friendly.

Mobile Access

On the go or in the field and need to check on training? No worries, ProCanna is cloud-based and mobile-friendly.

Export Capabilities

Need to prove training for compliance sake? Export and share training logs with ease by emailing, printing, or downloading.

Regulation Connection

Connect your training process to regulations so everyone knows why you do what you do. Want to show rather than just tell? Easily embed short training videos to clarify written instructions.

How It Works

Here’s what to expect from ProCanna’s training and quiz features:

cannabis training techniques

Enhanced cannabis training techniques

Get to know the power of ProCanna’s cannabis employee training tools that’ll help optimize your business operations and empower your success. If you are currently considering how to train cannabis employees, then you’ll find our dedicated tools incredibly useful. We’ve listed clear instructions and techniques that’ll show you how our tools can be implemented to make training even smoother.

Stories from ProCanna’s Customer Success Team

Training, videos, and quizzes for all

After a few months getting settled into ProCanna’s platform, this company decided to implement a robust training program for both existing and future employees.

The training program consisted of reviewing the duties and responsibilities pertaining to their jobs, training on company policies, watching how-to videos that were shared from YouTube, and taking a series of quizzes to test knowledge retention.

The training program has been a success as employees report feeling better informed about their responsibilities and management’s expectations. Win-win!


Assign Training Modules

Having a designated collection of training modules ensures that all your cannabis workers are correctly trained. With ProCanna, the answer to; ‘how best to train cannabis employees’ is conclusively solved. The training modules we’ve created clearly illustrate company policies / procedures, state regulations, reference documents, videos, and tests that are user-friendly, and easy and quick to complete. Simply assign training to specific users once the hiring process is complete.

Assign Training Modules
Track Employee Success


Track Employee Success

With ProCanna, all employee training assignments are date- and time-stamped, making it easy to track and report on company or state-required training. Not only can you track new employee progress, you can prove definitively when and how training was completed for regulatory requirements. With our intuitive software, you can easily search for and see which employees have overdue assignments and which have completed their training.


Quizzing and Completion

Even the best cannabis training programs can falter if trainers and managers can’t test program effectiveness and gained knowledge. That’s why ProCanna’s training features now include the ability to create and assign quizzes to test knowledge. Once a quiz is passed, the employee receives a completion certificate. Quizzes can be connected to policies, SOPs, regulation blocks, and reference documents providing valuable insights on employee readiness and independence.

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Reduce Stress, Improve Results by Using ProCanna Cannabis Employee Training Tools

Increase Consistency

Let’s face it. Some employees are quicker learners than others. Empower everyone with easy and continuous access to all of the policies and SOPs that apply to an employee’s position. Produce user-friendly checklists for tricky processes; make it easy to double-check a step; reduce errors and improve consistency.


Don’t waste time micromanaging the onboarding process of new employees. Instead, let ProCanna take the wheel. Assign training modules to new users in a matter of minutes.

Quality Assurance

Completed training certificates for key policies and SOPs boost confidence and help your Company reach its quality assurance goals.

Cannabis Employee Training Tools

Simplify Large Cannabis Operations

ProCanna supports multi-facility and multi-state operations.

Print, Download, and Email Reports

Always have a copy of your reports on hand. You can even email your reports as proof of compliance.

User Friendly

Simplify training and auditing experiences with an easy-to-use and intuitive platform.

You’re Only as Strong as Your Weakest Link

Stand out from the competition with an optimized training system!

necessary employee training

Don’t skip necessary employee training. Quality training and employee development programs increase productivity and retention, according to ZenBusiness.

Most Valuable Business Asset:
Your Employees

Invest in your staff. Experts at IBM believe employees are a business’s most valuable asset. 71% of CEOs identified employees as a key source of economic value.

Set Up Employees and Employers for Success

Our innovative features are designed to cultivate confidence.

Improve Training

Empowered employees are happy employees. Set your cannabis workers up for success by using ProCanna’s training features and everyday operational compliance tools.


Streamlines Onboarding

Time is money in any industry. To save time and to increase your bottom line, streamline onboarding training processes with ProCanna’s collection of cannabis employee training features.

Strengthens Compliance

It’s imperative employees understand the rules and regulations that affect their day-to-day tasks. With ProCanna, you can ensure comprehension and compliance through video training and testing.

Optimize Training for Compliance with ProCanna

Effective HR processes are keys to employee safety, a positive company culture, and successful regulatory and internal compliance. Optimize and streamline the onboarding process with simple, intuitive and innovative tools for cannabis employee training. Equip your business with ProCanna today.