We Stand with Cannabis Social Equity Program Applicants

We offer our software free of charge to any social equity applicant so they can tackle the complex regulatory process while applying for licensure.

If you’re a cannabis social equity program applicant or licensee, once your operation is up and running, you’ll have one goal in mind – keeping the state off your back to run your business more effectively and efficiently. But how? ProCanna can help. Our software is equipped with features to streamline & automate regulatory & operational compliance for optimal success and the avoidance of regulatory warnings, fines, violations or suspensions.


Searchable access to the state cannabis laws, rules and regulations

Keep your head from spinning when searching for specific state cannabis laws and requirements. ProCanna delivers your facility’s state compliance rules and regulations, and breaks them down with easy-to-understand regulation blocks.


Updates when the regulating authority releases new guidance or when new legislation affects your license type

Tired of hearing about new regulatory guidance through social media, text or email? Get all of your compliance alerts in one spot, and let ProCanna keep you up-to-date with new guidance or legislation that affects your license type.


Customize, build, edit, save and
assign for training all of the SOPs required to run a compliant cannabis business

Effective and comprehensive Standard Operating Procedures are your roadmap to a successful and compliant cannabis business. ProCanna provides core SOPs and gives you the power to customize, create, edit, and save SOPs with the extra benefit of assigning employee training based on the procedures.


Assign and complete audits that
show you’re being proactive about

Managing and maintaining internal audits allows you to be one step ahead in the game of compliance. Using ProCanna, you can easily assign and complete core ProCanna provided audits or create custom audits to benchmark regulatory and operational requirements, showing your business is proactive about compliance while staying in-line with SOPs for optimized operations.

We’re all in this together! To show our support for righting the wrongs from the war on drugs, ProCanna is now offering its platform AT NO COST to ALL social equity applicants during the application phase of your business.

Improve your chance for success from the start by building your business with ProCanna. Once your license is received, you’ll get to take advantage of our exclusive cannabis social equity program discounts.

Don’t worry – we’re in this for the long haul and right by your side! Together, let’s build an equitable, inclusive and prosperous cannabis industry.

Begin living the life you’ve been dreaming about…

Partner with ProCanna to achieve the success you deserve.