Be proactive; avoid fines and violations with ProCanna’s simple auditing system.

ProCanna’s auditing features provide insightful analytics and facilitate improved operations.

Reporting Tools Available Anytime, Anywhere.

Insightful Analytics

How can you improve operational performance without understanding weaknesses and potential liabilities? Use ProCanna’s user-friendly auditing tools to collect insightful and actionable information to increase overall success.

Print, Download, Email

Why limit yourself? ProCanna gives you the power to print, download, and/or email date- and time-stamped reports, documents, policies, and procedures to fulfill a variety of compliance and operational requirements.


It’s hard for leaders to have 24/7 eyes on one operation, let alone multiple facilities across multiple states. ProCanna’s cloud-based, mobile-friendly platform allows you to tap into audits and reporting – anytime, any place.


ProCanna is versatile, allowing you to create, assign, and view internal or regulatory audits from one simple dashboard.

How to Perform Cannabis Business Audit

Here’s what to expect from ProCanna’s cannabis compliance auditing features:

Optimize Operations

Get to know the power of ProCanna’s cannabis compliance audit tools; optimize your business operations for success.

Stories from ProCanna’s Customer Success Team

ProCanna content and audits provide peace-of-mind + checks and balances

This company opted-in for ProCanna-created content which provides great peace of mind when a regulatory or legislative change impacts SOPs, policies, and audits.

The company already used ProCanna content as checks and balances – certainly a best practices moment! The company had multiple retail establishments and felt comfortable utilizing ProCanna – from searching regulation documents to creating an SOP from scratch to running reports – though they had yet to take that final dive into audits. Which, side note, is not atypical.

Our audit tool is robust and often saved for last. The company ran a ProCanna-created audit through one of their retail establishments figuring they’d start with low-hanging fruit and easily score 100%. To their amazement, the ProCanna audit picked up on several misalignments and caught multiple noncompliant moments.

The company was able to correct the “Failed Steps” and is now comfortable creating their own audits and customizing ProCanna-created audits to work for their facilities. The company has since implemented a monthly auditing system for all their retail establishments. All systems go!


Create & Assign Audits

From your ProCanna audit dashboards, you can easily create and assign recurring or on-the-fly audits to employees in fields or facilities.


Score Audits

Our cannabis compliance software allows you to score audits numerically or with a Pass-Fail grade to quantify the degree of compliance. Use audit insights to increase your team’s efficacy and efficiency.


Observe, Review, Report

As soon as an audit is completed, the collected information is clearly displayed on the manager’s dashboard of ProCanna’s cannabis audit software. All audit reports are date- and time-stamped, which is invaluable if an auditor shows up unexpectedly or a supply chain partner asks to see a compliance report.

The Peace of Mind You Need to Stay Ahead

Be Confident

We empathize with that sinking feeling you get when a regulatory agent calls at the door. If you switch to using ProCanna cannabis auditing software, you’ll have renewed confidence, because you’ll know you’ve followed all the correct processes, completed the relevant checks, and will pass compliance audits with ease.

Prevent Red Flags

Use audits to control and optimize operations and avoid red flags, deficiencies, violations, fines, and suspensions.

Increase Efficiency and Effectiveness

Auditing operations gives you insights to increase operational efficiency and streamline processes for improved growth and gains. You can also use this information to determine how to train cannabis employees more effectively.

Simplify Large Cannabis Operations

ProCanna supports multi-facility and multi-state operations.

Print, Download, and Email Reports

Access reports, documents, and more whenever and wherever you are. Email right from the platform!

User Friendly

Eliminate the dread! Likable and easy-to-use interface simplifies all auditing and training tasks.

Boost Audit Analytics and Automation

How can optimized cannabis compliance influence performance and profits?

Internal auditing can help prevent chaos down the line. Law360 reports a Maryland-based company paid a $150,000 fine and forgoed their license after illegally exceeding its one-license cap.

Formal audits aren’t a rare occurrence, despite what
you may think…

According to leading accounting firm BerryDunn, Colorado regulators conducted field audits for 34 percent out of all the state’s cannabis sales and transfers between 2015 and 2019. That means at least a third of all sales were audited in that timeframe. By investing in compliance before an auditor comes knocking, you protect your hard-earned profits.

Set Up Teams for Success

Our innovative features are designed to reduce mistakes and cultivate confidence.

Team Chat & Notes

With ProCanna, organizing company chatter has never been easier. Use our team chat and document notes threads to keep all your compliance conversations in one place.

Intuitive & User-Friendly

ProCanna was designed with you in mind. Take our easy drag-and-drop audit editing, for instance. Why struggle when ProCanna makes it easy?

Photo & Video Capabilities

A picture is worth a thousand words, right? ProCanna’s auditing tool allows instant capture of photos and videos and embeds them in date- and time-stamped audit reports. Now you can show your team was in compliance on any given day!

Optimize Training Compliance with ProCanna

Strong cannabis human resource processes are extremely important for employee safety, company culture, and compliance success. If you’re thinking about how to train your cannabis employees, then we have the answer – equip your business with ProCanna today.
Optimize and streamline the onboarding process with simple, intuitive, and innovative tools for cannabis employee training.