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We simplify the regulatory environment surrounding cannabis. Our cloud-based solution helps you stay sane and compliant

At ProCanna, we serve cannabis companies with a user-friendly, cloud-based software system that drives compliance and operational excellence, helping to improve strong company cultures from within, and build trust amongst brands.

How do we do it? Our industry experts designed ProCanna with cannabis business owners in mind. Our unique features help your brand stand out from the competition, with the advantage of state-specific policies and procedures, simplified and easy to read summaries of each regulation, searchable regulations, assignable training and audit modules, and much more.

Don’t just take it from us – take an in-depth look at ProCanna’s industry-leading cannabis compliance and operations optimization features below!


ProCanna Features

Regulation Blocks

ProCanna provides searchable word-for-word state regulations, and we take it a step further. Our software also provides a plain-English and easy to understand summary of each regulation, making comprehension of state laws quick and effortless.

Gatekeeping, Role Management, and Operations

Keep your employees on track, and in their lanes, by quickly assigning and monitoring roles with insight and analytics. As an admin, you have the power to control individual access – streamlining operations, increasing efficiency, and protecting valuable business intelligence.


State-Specific Guidelines, Policies and Procedures

ProCanna provides a regularly updated database of cannabis regulations in the states we service. Plus, you can easily load your own policies and procedures, to ensure all employees are on the same page.


Searchable Regulations

Our state-specific regulations database is easily searchable and accessible whenever and wherever you need it. Get the answers you need fast, with ProCanna’s robust indexing organization capabilities that allow you to quickly reference regulations, policies, and procedures.



Simplify your compliance reporting with ProCanna. Our software allows you to quickly collect, organize, and export time-stamped operational and regulatory information to download, print, or send as an email.

Start Building Your Digital SOPs Within Minutes

Easy Document Upload

Upload proprietary policies and procedures in seconds with ProCanna’s drag-and-drop functionality.

Training Log

Train employees by assigning training modules, while tracking their progress and gaining valuable insights from completed modules, all from within the ProCanna platform.

Team Chat & Notes Thread

Share and track quick notes with your team while prioritizing critical communications.

Simplify Large Operations

ProCanna supports multi-facility and multi-state operations

Print, Download, and Email Reports

Always have a copy of your reports on hand. You can even email your reports as proof of compliance.

User Friendly

Easy to use and intuitive to navigate making your auditing experience and training a simplified task.

Observe Infield Audits

Audit Scoring

ProCanna provides users the ability to manually score audits or assign a pass/fail metric. This allows you to accurately quantify your degree of compliance based on custom policy and regulation settings.

Observe Infield Audits

Easily create and assign either recurring or on-the-fly audits directly from your dashboard. Once an audit is complete, managers can quickly view the finalized audit report in ProCanna.


Our services are accessible wherever you are. All you need is a device and an internet connection.


More ProCanna Features

Streamline Operations

With our expertise, all your compliance operations will be streamlined and automated, allowing you to focus on other more important matters.

Reference Documents

Established cannabis companies with internal procedures can easily upload reference documents and manage custom policies in ProCanna.

Upload Docs
and Files

With ProCanna, you can easily import photos, videos, and other files to document an issue with your team or cannabis facility. You can also use this feature to demonstrate compliance.


ProCanna is dedicated to the business of cannabis. That’s why ProCanna’s trained regulatory reviewers monitor, update, and summarize regulations for state-to-state, 24/7 quick and effortless comprehension, implementation, and compliance.

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