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Cannabis Compliance Software

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To manage SOPs and policies, we offer ready-to-go regulatory SOPs and the ability to upload or draft your own. Keep every employee on the same page from seed through harvest, packaging, and sales for compliance and quality purposes.

Multi-State Operators

With teams across the country, ensuring everyone is on the same page can become a headache. ProCanna standardizes your compliance process across multiple facilities and states.


We monitor state regulation updates, and allow you to easily search for what you’re looking for. Removing stress, and keeping your attention where it matters most – successfully managing your retail business, employees, and profit growth.

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Cannabis Consultants

Cannabis consultants play an important role in the cannabis industry. They provide expertise on topics from legal, cultivation, compliance, finance, logistics, and are critical team members for many cannabis companies. ProCanna’s software allows consultants to offer additional value & systems to their clients.

What ProCanna Does For You

Keeps your business in compliance with one simple, powerful platform.

By making an investment now, you and your team will be on the road to operational excellence. Here is an overview of the dynamic features of our Cannabis Compliance Software:

cannabis regulatory solutions

Cannabis Regulatory Database

Easily access cannabis regulations for your state and stop wondering when laws will change.

cannabis compliance management

Cannabis SOP Management

Seamlessly integrate your cannabis SOPs into your team’s cell phones/tablets.

cannabis audit software

Cannabis Auditing Software

Make auditing your cannabis business as simple as a few clicks.

How to train cannabis employees

Cannabis Employee Training

Automate and document the employee onboarding process to train and retain quality staff.

Cannabis Reporting Feature

Cannabis Reporting Feature

Produce compliance reports for your cannabis business in minutes from anywhere in the world. 

How to Get a Cannabis License

Cannabis Regulatory experts in your corner…

If you are considering entering into the cannabis business and you are perhaps wondering how to open a dispensary in the future?, or how to get a cannabis license? – ProCanna has all the answers you’re looking for.

If you are a cannabis business owner, you know how convoluted the regulatory environment can be, no matter the state you operate in.

One compliance mistake can cause fines, license suspension, or even worse – forfeiture of the cannabis business you worked so hard to build.

ProCanna is your robust and cost-effective solution to stay ahead of the regulatory game. Designed by our team of cannabis professionals who’ve been in the industry since 2013, ProCanna helps cannabis business owners survive & thrive in the fast-paced cannabis market. We provide you with the ecosystem to internally grow your own branded SOPs to maintain operational excellence.

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Fawn River

The ProCanna platform has assisted our startup company tremendously. It provides everything related to cannabis business from reference documents that are continually updated, regulation documents with direct links to the CRA, and policies and procedures that have been developed by Procanna’s professional team that you can copy and use for your own company. Our company has used several of ProCanna’s SOP’s simply by modifying provided SOPs to fit our needs. We are still new to ProCanna’s software but so far, we are very pleased with the results. The ProCanna Team has been excellent to work with, very knowledgeable and very responsive to questions.

Greenroom Gardens

Greenroom Gardens would like to thank Michelle and the whole ProCanna Team for working with us on our SOPs throughout the licensing process. ProCanna continually works with us by keeping us up to speed with all the new CRA rules updates and helping our team stay organized with updates and in compliance with our company SOPs.

Holistic Health Group, Inc

I have found great value in working with the ProCanna platform. The available content is thorough and well-written. The audit and SOP toolkit provide powerful tools that allow me to document internal compliance and enables me to easily work with staff spread through multiple departments to ensure each individual department is compliant. In addition, the Customer Success Team has been incredibly helpful in both getting our documentation set up and getting staff up to speed. More importantly, the platform is constantly being expanded and improved upon and the service team is always open to suggestions.

Verdes Cannabis, New Mexico

This year we started our journey to obtain ISO 9001 certification and ProCanna has been an invaluable tool to help us work toward this goal. Being vertically-integrated means we need to ensure compliance with state regulations every step of the way through proper, documented employee training on our Standard Operating Procedures. ProCanna helps us bring safe, reliable, and compliant products to our New Mexico community.

Holland Ridge Capital

At Holland Ridge Capital, we rely on ProCanna to safeguard our investments, ensuring operational efficiency while staying compliant with regulatory requirements.  ProCanna’s comprehensive regulatory updates have proven invaluable, not only in maintaining compliance for our investments but also in keeping us, as investors, well-informed and proactive.

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