Produce compliance reports for your cannabis business in minutes from anywhere in the world.

ProCanna reporting tools help operators successfully track, maintain, and prove compliance measures when it matters most.

Reporting Tools Available Anytime, Anywhere.


Keep everyone together. ProCanna’s cloud-based hub is accessible to anyone you choose to include on a one-time or ongoing basis. Share tracking and reports with external stakeholders as well as those within your organization.


Not in the office or facility, but need a report? ProCanna’s got you covered. No matter where in the world you are, as long as you have an Internet connection, you can easily access and share compliance reports and more.

Cannabis Specific

ProCanna was designed by industry leaders for industry leaders. Our software solution is specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of busy cannabis owners and operators. We listen and care about your ideas, introducing new features and updates based on client and advisor feedback.


From day one, our goal was to create a simple, user-friendly compliance solution. It’s easy to get started; our team is here for you. No prior experience necessary!

How It Works

Here’s what to expect from ProCanna’s Reporting features:

Reports, Readily Available

Information is power. ProCanna’s robust reporting tools provide the information you need, when you need it.


Report Dashboard

Looking to share compliance and operational initiatives? ProCanna’s reporting dashboard is access-limited, allowing you to control who sees what and when. Customize, access, and share reports only with the people that need to see them.


Searchable Database

Need a specific report by time-range, facility, or subject to prove compliance to state regulators or other stakeholders such as investors, insurers, and supply chain partners? ProCanna’s searchable database allows you to access and filter reports for specialized requests.


Print, Download, and Email

No more stress finding a report and then having to figure out how to transfer it from one device to another. With ProCanna, authorized users can easily print, download, and/or email reports from any device.

Bolster Your Business with Proof of Compliance

Save Time

The days of searching through piles of papers or for documents hidden in the recesses of your computer are over. ProCanna’s mobile-friendly and robust search function allows you to easily search for and access documents and reports whenever and wherever you are.

Improve Transparency

Cannabis regulators love transparent cannabis operations. ProCanna systematizes operational compliance and shows regulators that you and your team prioritize compliance.

Boost Confidence

Goodbye nerves; hello regulators, investors, supply chain partners and other external stakeholders. Boost your confidence and improve your business with ProCanna’s compliance, operations, and reporting tools.

Simplify Large Cannabis Operations

ProCanna supports multi-facility and multi-state operations.

Simplify Reporting Across Multiple Facilities

Whether you operate multiple facilities in one state or across many, ProCanna’s reporting dashboard allows you to customize, review, download, print, and/or email reports based on time frame, state(s), facility(ies), and type(s) of document.

Ace state-specific
cannabis compliance reporting requirements

Avoid deficiency notices, fines, and penalties with easily accessible and shareable reports.

$100,000 FINE

October 2021

An Oregon cannabis processor was fined for allegedly violating packaging and labeling regulations. The company sold tinctures that weren’t in compliance with the agency’s rules. Specifically, the tincture bottle labels “were not properly affixed” and could fall off, which could lead to an unsuspecting consumer inadvertently using the product. This mistake resulted in a $100,000 fine.

As more states legalize cannabis, stay on top of state-specific guidelines and any updates.

From Application to Operations;
One Employee to Thousands

Regulation features to keep your mind on the prize.

Easy Upload and Linking

Have a report from a regulatory agency or subject matter expert you’d like to store? ProCanna’s easy uploading feature allows you to save important documents. What’s more, you can link those documents to policies and SOPs for reference and deeper context.

Training Tools

Bolster employee and company success. Review date- and time-stamped training logs, quizzes and more to evaluate future training needs and identify areas that could use improvement.

Team Chat and Notes

Keep everyone together. Share important news, congratulate team success and more with ProCanna’s Team Chat function. Use the Notes feature to add and review suggestions, comments, and questions attached to specific policies and SOPs.

Winning Cannabis Compliance with ProCanna

Avoid deficiencies and fines by staying up-to-date with state cannabis regulations, updates, and guidance. Let ProCanna save you time, money, and stress. See how ProCanna can bolster your business for success today! With the power of ProCanna, you can easily navigate compliance reporting requirements. From collecting, storing, and producing reports, ProCanna helps you prove and improve compliance efforts when it matters most.