Looking for Top Cannabis Companies to Invest In? Meet ProCanna’s Wefunder!

With the cannabis industry projected to reach $31 billion in total addressable market share by 2024, it’s no surprise that individuals and companies are rushing to find and invest in top cannabis companies. Seemingly every month, new and updated legalization creates new cannabis license types licenses and opportunities. The result is that there are many start-ups to choose from. So, how to choose? 

If you’re in the position to invest, and can say ‘yes’ to the following three statements –

  • You believe in the power and goodness of cannabis
  • You want a stake in the burgeoning new cannabis industry
  • You believe that cannabis compliance means better products and brands, and that’s good for everyone

Then we couldn’t be more thrilled to announce ProCanna’s raise campaign on Wefunder. 

So, let’s learn more about the campaign, and our company. 

Why WeFunder?

First off, why Wefunder and not popular crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter? Simple, Kickstarter only collects donations. The donations raised by Kickstarter offer those donating no ROI. Instead, WeFunder is a platform that facilitates raising funds from investors rather than donors. As the company grows, those who invested will see a return. 

ProCanna co-founder Dede Perkins explains, “We chose crowdsourced funding because we believe in the democratization of investment. We chose WeFunder because of their superior track record and because their platform allows us to build a different type of company, one that is built by our community and customers that believe in what we offer. If ProCanna does well, everyone who invests even $100 will do well with us.” 

Rather than sharing the fruits of our labor and growth with a small group of billionaire investors, Wefunder provides the vehicle for friends and family to participate alongside our team in the ProCanna journey and benefit from the company’s success. Essentially, Wefunder’s platform allows anyone to become an angel investor in our company. 

The Future of Cannabis Compliance

So, now you may be thinking, but why ProCanna? The cannabis market is a young industry and is only now getting its legs underneath it after years of prohibition. Complex and ever-evolving state regulations present a multitude of challenges to running a compliant cannabis business. These complications can hinder how cannabis companies of all sizes, from small mom and pop dispensaries to vertically licensed and multi-state operators (MSOs), operate and succeed.  

To put the importance of compliance into perspective, the smallest misstep that results in  cannabis regulatory noncompliance can cause violation notices, hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines, or even license suspension or revocation. 

Which is why every licensed cannabis company needs the power of ProCanna on their side. ProCanna serves as a solution to the ever-changing state regulations to which cannabis companies across the US must keep up with and comply. With adult-use cannabis being legal in 19 states, medical programs operating in 36 states, and federal legalization on the horizon, the demand for automating systems to maintain compliance will only rise over time. 

In preparation for industry growth and success, over the last 10 months, ProCanna has: 

  • Raised family and friends seed funding
  • Built content and introduced ProCanna into six US states: MA, ME, PA, OH, MI, IL
  • Kicked off a social media presence, sales and marketing plan
  • Been included or featured in numerous industry media outlets
  • Hired our first two sales associates
  • Brought on first paying customers in MA and MI
  • Introduced a social equity program and brought on applicants and trusted advisors at no cost until final licensure

To learn more about our current raise, visit our individual Wefunder dashboard here. While you’re there, please consider joining us as an investor!

Get Familiar with ProCanna

Why now? ProCanna is raising investment funds to capitalize on the advantageous opportunity in front of us. We could raise this money from institutional investors, or millionaires and billionaires, but we’d rather raise it from you, the customers and communities who have and will support us on our journey. 

Just as we started this company to support compliance standards for the cannabis industry,  we want to offer ordinary cannabis believers the opportunity to benefit from our company’s growth. Standing together, with our shared belief in the power and goodness of cannabis and faith in ProCanna’s exemplary team, goals and roadmap for success, the future looks bright indeed. 

With Wefunder, we can all benefit from cannabis investing and the growth of the industry. So, take the time today to get more familiar with ProCanna by browsing our website, contacting us directly with any questions, or scheduling a demo to see the power of compliance automation for yourself. 

We look forward to you joining us on the journey of transforming cannabis compliance and capitalizing on a share of the cannabis industry’s growth.