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If you’re a cannabis business owner, you know how convoluted the regulatory environment can be, no matter the state you operate in.

One compliance mistake can cause fines, license suspension or even worse – forfeiture of the cannabis business you worked so hard to build.

ProCanna is your robust and cost-effective solution to stay ahead of the regulatory game. Designed by our team of cannabis professionals who’ve been in the industry since 2013, ProCanna helps cannabis business owners survive & thrive in the fast-paced cannabis market. We provide you with the ecosystem to internally grow your own branded SOPs to maintain operational excellence.

Keep your business in compliance, with one simple, yet powerful platform. By making an investment now, you’re ensuring operational excellence with these dynamic features –

✓ Regulatory monitoring & updates

✓ Compliance analytics

✓ Customizable operational hub

✓ Data security

✓ Integrated audit reporting

✓ Multi-state and state-specific support







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Equip your cannabis business to succeed

A critical tool you’ll need to manage cannabis compliance and operations. Accessible anytime, anywhere and 100% customizable for growers, processors, and retailers alike.


With SOP and policy management, we offer ready-to-go regulatory SOPs, or the ability to upload or draft your own. Keeping every employee on the same page, from seed to harvest, for compliance and quality purposes.

Multi-State Operators

With teams across the country, ensuring everyone is on the same page can become a headache. ProCanna standardizes your compliance process across multiple facilities and states.


We monitor state regulation updates, and allow you to easily search for what you’re looking for. Removing stress, and keeping your attention where it matters most – successfully managing your retail business, employees, and profit growth.

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