Cannabis Data Security & Technology Trends – The Ultimate 2023Guide

With all that is needed to manage for success in the cannabis industry, it’s no surprise that helpful cannabis technologies are on the rise. Further, the industry is seeing more and more emphasis on data security and overall business protection. From growers, to processors, to dispensaries – each sector has a unique need for data security and technology solutions. So, what’s the latest for 2023 and what tools do business owners need to know about to succeed? We’ve compiled your ultimate guide to the top trends in cannabis technologies and security.

The Latest Trends in Cannabis Technology & Security

As legalization grows state-by-state, the cannabis industry is quickly becoming more accepted across the USA. Once a widely stigmatized sector, now the floodgates have opened for the market to acclimate to more standardized business practices. For example, the emergence of technology and security solutions to help maintain the unique intricacies of managing cannabis businesses.

To keep up with the ever-evolving and fast-paced nature of the industry, today – we’ve compiled the top 5 technology and security trends you need to know for 2023.

Trend #1 – Data collection & storage

While most industries have some type of regulatory agency, none are quite as complex as cannabis. The cannabis industry has compliant measures to meet, and regulatory guidelines to follow for each individual process, and they vary from state to state. Many of these regulations require operators to collect and store large amounts of video recordings, transactional data, training records and more. Many cannabis businesses are now using a hybrid of physical collection of data, and cloud-based services for storage. The need for data collection and storage will only continue to rise as more businesses seek to keep data not only for compliance sake, but also to gain valuable business intelligence too. Techpirate describes the usage of tools like AI, machine learning, and predictive analysis will drive a large uptick in data storage needs as more real-time data and analytical capacity is required by larger and larger cannabis companies.

Trend #2 – Maintaining a remote workforce

Post COVID-19, the need for cannabis business operators to maintain and secure a remote workforce continues to increase, making it more of a challenge to keep team members on the same page. New technologies designed specifically for the cannabis industry are now delivering cloud-based chat and scheduling apps, and software systems to track work remotely, helping operators organize, manage and track workflows whenever, wherever for greater accessibility and productivity.

Beyond the maintenance aspect of remote work, many studies found workers having serious concerns about companies that don’t allow some form of remote work. OWL Labs found a 65% increase in remote work in employees making more than 100K.  It will become increasingly important for cannabis companies that have systems in place that allow executives, MSO’s, etc. the ability to manage their workforce, in a compliant manner, using modern, remote tools.

 Trend #3 – Technology for training

An increase in remote working makes training more challenging for cannabis businesses as well. In addition, some states require cannabis operators to record and store employee training records for years. Like many industries, turnover in the cannabis industry is problematic, so training efficiently and accurately is paramount. These trends have cannabis companies turning to technologies designed to manage, streamline and record workforce training using cloud-based platforms that guide new employees through the process and allow employers to monitor their progress.

Trend #4 – Adding automation

As the entire world moves towards digitization and automation, so does the cannabis industry. Now, cannabis technology is able to help improve automation for operational processes, and hitting key benchmarks while staying in compliance. From POS to high-tech cultivation systems, almost every process for cannabis businesses can now be augmented through automation. Historically, one of the largest bottlenecks in the cannabis industry has been trimming and destemming. Large machines are coming to market that can reduce lead times and reliance on manual labor. By automating critical early phase processes within the product life cycle, cannabis companies will become increasingly able to adapt to the evolving regulations placed upon them.

Trend #5 – Cloud based services

Last but not least, with data storage and collection, virtual training, remote employees and a rise in automation – cloud-based services takes its place as our final trend that’s assisting all of the above. The future has never been brighter for the ‘cloud’ or more useful for business cannabis business owners, on the go. As security measures strengthen for cloud-based services so do the number of users, storing with, and using the cloud. To successfully manage their business, with the optimized and modern technology solution for heightened accessibility.

ProCanna for Professional Results

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